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Nadolig Llawen

Behold ! The Christmas Carols. 2020s replacement for singing in Bangor High Street. but don’t panic. We have a virtual bucket for your donations. It is a GoFundMe page below this video. Thank you for your generosity. Thank you to the Bangor Street Singers, Alan Holmes for the recording and Phil Layton for the editing. Carol 1. Lyrics by an as yet unknown member of XR . Tune by Mendelssohn . Carol 2. Lyrics as 1. Tune English Traditional. Domine Pacem. Words and Music by Helen Yeomans. Thank you Helen. Carol 3. Words – unknown translation – original words by Joseph Mohr. Tune Franz Gruber.

Gwelwch! Carolau’r Nadolig. 2020au ar y we yn lle canu yn Stryd Fawr Bangor. Mae gennym fwced rhithwir ar gyfer eich rhoddion. Mae dolen i dudalen GoFundMe o dan y fideo hyn. Diolch am eich haelioni. Diolch i Ganwyr Stryd Bangor, Alan Holmes am y recordiad a Phil Layton am y golygu. Carol 1. Lyrics gan aelod nad yw’n hysbys eto o XR . Tiwn gan Mendelssohn . Carol 2. Geiriau fel 1. Tiwn Saesneg Draddodiadol. Domine Pacem. Geiriau a Cherddoriaeth gan Helen Yeomans. Diolch Helen. Carol 3. Geiriau – cyfieithiad anhysbys – geiriau gwreiddiol gan Joseph Mohr. Tiwn Franz Gruber.


Shoe Box Appeal

To make a donation


Dyma ffordd rwydd i roi arian drwy UnCalon i helpi ddigartref ardal Bangor.

This is primarily intended as an easy way for folks who want to give money through OneHeart to help the homeless in the Bangor Gwynedd area and who are unable to attend any of our events. OneHeart mainly acts as a small fundraising  group and money raised is then handed over to organistions such as the Cathedral Partnership and North Wales Housing who deal directly with the homeless. Every little helps, and in the past money funds have helped to buy tents, sleeping bags, respite care and help in accessing accomodation and employment.

Diolch yn fawr am eich cymorth.
Thank you very much for your support.

Sometimes there can be difficulty in getting the webpage to accept a donation. Suggestions as to possible difficulties are suggested here –


Christmas Shoebox Appeal

Boxes to be left at the Customer Services in Morrisons. We’re waiting to hear if they can be left at Tesco.

Apel Bocs ‘Sgidiau Nadolig

I’w gadael hefo ‘Customer Services’ ym Morrisions. Bosib hefyd hefo Tesco, ond ydym ni heb glywed yn ol eto.

Cerdd Byw: Noswaith Codi Arian Live Fundrasing Music Night

Cerddoriaeth byw wych ar WepLyfr i godi arian i’r di-gartref yn ardal Bangor.

Get yourself ready for an amazing evening of music on the July 31st July in aid of OneHeart based in Bangor. Anna Fern has gathered a vast array of musical talent who will be performing live in your computer/laptop/mobile/other on Friday July the 31st from 7pm onwards.

The concert will be on Facebook. This is the page…


Winter Collection

Despite the best efforts of all the agencies involved there are still people who will be sleeping out in the Bangor area this winter. In order to help them through it OneHeart are appealing for people to donate good quality , good condition or new items to keep out the cold and wet. Mens medium or large waterproof coats, trousers, hats , gloves , scarves and socks will be in great demand Also sleeping bags are always needed. Smaller items such as mens underwear (new!) would be very useful, small torches, pads and pens, roll on deodorants, hand gel and chocolate!

Any of these donations can be dropped off at St Mary’s Hostel , Love Lane , Bangor LL57 2TE or North Wales Housing Offices, 30 Dean Street Bangor LL571UR

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Another successful Cold Concert

I didn’t make it to this year’s Cold Concert, but by all accounts it was a huge success and was much enjoyed .

Between donations on the night money paid for refreshment and other donations over £1,500 has been collected. Well done and thank you to everyone.

Pfotos will follow. 🙂

Homeless snowmen % photo by Chris Newson https://www.artistchris.org.uk